Origin Story

in support of our vision, we have established a clinical research and development accelerator called DevPro Biopharma. We help clients leverage the DevPro Biopharma Clinical Development Platform to deliver molecules INto medicines.

The entire team at DevPro Biopharma has a unique clinical development perspective from both large pharma and start-up biotech environments.

These professionals continually reimagine clinical trial development and execution with the goal of improving quality, de-risking development path, accelerating timelines, and lowering costs. The DevPro Biopharma team has collectively contributed to more than 50 approved products or label expansions spanning multiple therapeutic areas across the globe over the past 30 years.

Most recently, BEVESPI AEROSPHERE® and BREZTRI AEROSPHERE™ were approved in several key markets, including U.S., China and Japan. In their previous roles, the DevPro Biopharma team was responsible for the clinical design and development for these two products from a private, venture-backed, start-up company through big pharma acquisition and ultimately global approval.

These approvals not only changed the clinical management of respiratory disorders, but were a proving ground for the DevPro Biopharma vision of a clinical development accelerator.

BEVESPI AEROSPHERE® is a registered trademark of AstraZeneca PLC.  BREZTRI AEROSPHERE™ is a trademark of AstraZeneca PLC.

The team’s creativity, excellence in execution, and proven approach to clinical development now manifests itself as DevPro Biopharma, working across the biopharma industry to help bring medicine to people faster and more efficiently.