How We Do It

The DevPro Biopharma methodology begins with Identifying the Right Targets. Our team then utilizes the DevPro Biopharma Clinical Development Platform.

Our Services

Clinical Development Services

Clients engage the experienced DevPro Biopharma team to develop and execute programs and studies.

Such services are a good fit for:

  • Venture capital firms or start-ups looking for a development arm
  • A pharmaceutical company that licenses or acquires rights to develop products

Consulting Services

Clients leverage our team’s experience and expertise to advise them. Such services might include:

  • Due diligence and validation of investment ideas
  • Risk assessments and review of development projects
  • Advisors for development projects and new product development ideas
  • Facilitating advisory boards for new product development ideas or indications

How We Add Value

At the start of an engagement, the DevPro Biopharma team implements a comprehensive review of the asset’s design, development, and delivery strategies.

Clients get the benefit of the experienced DevPro Biopharma team, and reduce the need to hire, onboard, and develop multiple internal functions. Our team will design, develop, and deliver an efficient clinical program to support regional or global registration.

With the DevPro Biopharma Clinical Development Platform clients can leverage one ecosystem which includes our established network of experienced partners. Further, clients take advantage of our well-tested, proven processes and technologies designed to deliver turn-key clinical development execution, including tools that reduce potential for errors, simplify and streamline data entry, collection, and critical-to-quality controls.